Design Process

Listen icon

Listen 1

We kick off listening about you and your project. You explain the goals or issues so that by the end of this stage, you have set clear objectives and defined success.

Imagine icon

Imagine 2

The vision is filtered through our years of experience, knowledge of best practices, taste for current trends and, most importantly, our imagination.

Define icon

Define 3

We develop an approach for achieving your objectives. Let’s agree on it together, so that all stakeholders are informed and inspired about the end results.

Prototype icon

Prototype 4

We begin to develop and prototype ideas. This involves research and revealing further insight and choices through the creation of one or more concepts.

Decide icon

Decide 5

You analyse the design(s) and tell us what you like. To assist, we provide you with our opinion and arguments for the best overall solution.

Create icon

Create 6

Drawing from our combined skill set of visual arts, web programming and marketing, we complete the design aligned to the chosen direction and make requested changes.

Learn icon

Learn 7

We always strive for better. After the deliverables are complete, we like to study the project details with feedback and analytics in order to improve our services.

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